EMR Total Solution

EMR Total Solution

No more need to hand-write, file, or manually search for hundreds of medical out-patient, emergency, or in-patient records! With Jaguar
EMR Total Solution, all hospital medical records and multimedia data files can be quickly and accurately imported and stored on a completely paperless information management system.

●One Step, information importing technology to reduce costs and time.
●Enjoy a paperless information environment.saves millions dollars every year for your hospital.
●Completely integrate a wide range multimedia sources, built up a real digital environment.
●Achieve Stage 6 & 7 of the HIMSS standard

Users can quickly access electronic medical records, and produce documents in a range of formats printed output, electronic data exchange, or integrate with other formats.

Leading medical centers and large hospitals have chosen this solution to enjoy the benefits of a paperless office environment, and to fully meet modern industry expectations and standards.

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